About us

Maximal Trips

In short: Maximal Trips is an innovative festival travel platform where festival goers easily can book their bus transport, festival & camping tickets and add-ons for their favorite festival.

Our mission is to make festivals easily accessible for everyone from all over Europe. We do not think in terms of borders or countries, but in accessibility. Every festival experience starts with the journey to the festival. There is a lot involved to ensure a good trip. Think of the right pickup point, time of arrival and of course a comfortable drive in a safe coach. It is our job to make this experience as good as possible for you and your friends. We think it is very important to be able to travel with your friends This is why Maximal Trips will always try to make sure you that you will be in the same bus. Beside your friends, the bus will be filled with like-minded people, whom all are excited for the same festival. We ensure that festivals are easily accessible and turn every festival trip into a great experience. With almost all the festivals we collaborate with, we have Official Partnerships. This ensures that we can guarantee a great accessibility.

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Travellers across Europe.

From 11 countries

We offer transport with various pick up points and Airport Transfers.


European partnerships.

Safety and quality

Luxury comfortable coaches and ISO 9001 certified.

Green travel

1 coach saves over 30 cars.


Nationalities from countries all over the world have traveled with Maximal.

Our story

Maximal Trips was founded in 2012 by two study friends. They were looking for comfortable and safe coach transport to a music festival in Germany. Preferably with like-minded people, where you are dropped in front of the festival entrance and where you don’t have to worry about who has to stay sober. That turned out to be quite a challenge and that is why they decided to organize this themselves. That was the start of Maximal Trips.

The passion for transport has grown further. In addition to Maximal Trips, the co-owners started Wonderbus: a platform for renting a coach with driver. The corona pandemic unfortunately made one of the study friends leave the company. The other wanted to continue, had to let go of Wonderbus and now lays a 100% focus back on where it all started: festival travel.