Reselling & Changes

Changes can be made up to 1 week before your bus trip. Afterwards this is not possible anymore. The passengers list is already made by then. Below you can read more about reselling and changes for your ticket.

Yes, this is possible.

If you have entered the wrong information or ordered a wrong ticket, you can file a request to change your ticket at ticket provider Paylogic.

Cancellation is not possible. However, we offer a few options:

  1. Resell your ticket to someone else via Ticketswap. You can read how this works on the website of Ticketswap
  2. Refund protection / booking insurance. When you are ordering your ticket, you can choose this option. Check ticket provider Paylogic for more information about Refund Protection
  3. Make use of your own travel or cancellation insurance.

Yes, you can safely resell your ticket via Ticketswap.

Sell your ticket to someone else via Ticketswap. Read about how reselling tickets via Ticketswap works here. 


  • When you sell a bus ticket with ‘Amsterdam’ as city of departure, for example, the city of departure will always remain ‘Amsterdam’. You cannot change this anymore.
  • You can resell your ticket up to 7 days in advance of the departure date. The final bus plan will already be made by then, so changes are not possible anymore. 

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