Green travel

“1 coach saves at least 30 cars and a double decker at least 40 cars”

Sustainability is a norm in our society, not a choice anymore. Sustainability plays a big role in our daily life where festivals are a part of. We are aware that transport has a big impact on the milieu. The transport industry plays a big role in making the world a sustainable place. Here at Maximal Trips we understand perfectly how important this is and are happy to contribute to a greener world.

It is an easy step to jump in the car but certainly not the greenest way of travelling. Only a few people are aware of the fact that coach transportation is one of the most sustainable ways of travelling. The CO2 emission of a coach is considerably lower than the plane, the car or even the train. Besides that, we will always make sure our coaches travel with a high occupancy rate. This way the busses are fully used. Because of the high occupancy rate travelling by coach is also much cheaper than with the care or plane. An extra reason to travel with a coach.

Duurzaamheid Maximal

The coaches of Maximal Trips

Almost all coaches Maximal Trips uses are fuel-efficient. The coaches are equipped with Euro 6 engines and some of the coaches are already driving on biodiesel. This is the cleanest option for coaches at the moment. After the further development of the batteries, electric engines will become the next step. A development which we follow closely.

After cycling, the coach is therefore the most sustainable choice to get to your favourite festival. Besides a comfortable and safe trip is travelling with Maximal Trips a good choice to lower your carbon footprint.

Check here with which partners we collaborate to ensure even more sustainable transport. Do you have questions about your transport options? Do not hestitate and please contact us.