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“Good accessibility leads to a better experience and more festival goers.”

What do you first ask of someone who has been away for a weekend? Exactly: “Had a good trip?”

For many people, a good trip to a festival is an important part of the festival trip. It is literally the customer journey: the festival experience starts with the journey. Does the festival have a poor accessibility? Then people will first check the travel options.

Maximal Trips ensures that your festival is easily accessible. We offer various transport options, such as: Airport Transfers, mid- and long-distance Bus Trips and more. Want to work together? Send us a message.

Good accessibility throughout Europe

Festival goers are more likely to visit your festival if it is easily accessible. It is an essential part in choosing a festival to go to. Maximal Trips offers a total travel solution for all European cities.

All over Europe

We do not think in terms of limits and borders, but in accessibility. Maximal Trips is active in 11 different European countries.

International Partner Network

Through years of experience we have built up a strong international partner network of bus coach companies. Check some of the partners that worked with us.

Data driven

We always base or work on data and logistical models. In this way we can predict the best routes but also provide interesting insights about your visitors.

More Exposure. More Sales.

Our platform offers an additional sales channel for festival and camping tickets & add-ons that can be booked together with bus travel and shuttles.

Branded page

Get your own festival page on our platform with all relevant information about your festival.

Maximal Marketing

Our team of writers provides fun and useful content about your festival. Get extra visibility by including you in our targeted mailings, marketing campaigns and on the socials. In addition, our affiliate & media netwerk offers more visibility on partner webites. For examples check the blog pages or the Maximal Facebook page


Our ticketing team provides support in 6 languages: English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Dutch, Português.

Go Maximal

Every festival has its own approach. We would love to work together and take a look at your festival before we go over the possibilities. We will put together a customized proposal based on your needs. We are only satisfied when you had a carefree festival where everybody was transported in a comfortable and safe way. Do not hesitate and send a message to