Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find a summary of the frequently asked questions. In most cases your questions is placed below. If you cannot find an answer to your question,  Please send us a message by Email or Facebook. Our helpdesk is available in Dutch and English. 

For specific ticket related questions you could visit our booking partner Paylogic. Their helpdesk is available in the following languages: Deutsch, Espanol, Francais, Português, English and Dutch.

Bookings & payments

You can always travel with your friends on the same bus. Below we explain how this works.

  1. Always choose the same departure point. Sometimes you will also find a bus letter or number in the webshop at your departure point. This is often the case with short transfers. In case you want to travel together, choose the same letter or number. If you get on the bus at a different departure location, you will probably not travel together.

Sometimes more than one bus departs from one departure point. Only if this is the case will you receive an e-mail well in advance before departure, in which you can enter a unique group name. This is how we make sure that you and your friends are on the same bus. This way you always travel together with your friends. If you do not receive an email like this, you will automatically travel with your friends. Please note: this does not apply to departures that are already provided with a bus letter or number in the webshop.

No worries, you can retrieve your ticket. Complete the following steps:

  1. After finalizing your order, you receive an email to personalize your ticket. This way, we get the personal details of each traveller.
  2. You only receive an email with your ticket after personalisation.

Still did not receive your ticket?

  • Check your spam folder in your email

Did you lose your ticket or did you not receive any email? Request your ticket again via ticket provider Paylogic. 

You can exchange the voucher at the payment page in the ticket shop of Maximal Trips.


Suppose you receive a voucher of €10,- and you book ticket(s) for €60,-. After submitting the voucher you pay the remaining amount of €50,-. 

Yes, this is possible.

If you have entered the wrong information or ordered a wrong ticket, you can file a request to change your ticket at ticket provider Paylogic.

Cancellation is not possible. However, we offer a few options:

  1. Resell your ticket to someone you know. It is important to change the name on the ticket via our ticketprovider Paylogic. 
  2. Refund protection / booking insurance. When you are ordering your ticket, you can choose this option. Check ticket provider Paylogic for more information about Refund Protection
  3. Make use of your own travel or cancellation insurance.

Personalisation is necessary. The main booker has to personalise their ticket and those of his or her fellow travellers to make sure that we are provided with the right personal information of every traveller and valid passenger lists. 

  1. After finalizing your order, you receive an email to personalize your ticket. This way, we get the personal details of each traveller.
  2. You only receive an email with your ticket after personalisation.

Do you need help? Check ticket provider Paylogic for help and information about personalisation of tickets

Festival and camping tickets do not need to be personalised for Maximal Trips. 

You can sell your ticket to someone you know. It is important to change the name on the ticket via our ticketprovider Paylogic.


  • When you sell a bus ticket with ‘Amsterdam’ as city of departure, for example, the city of departure will always remain ‘Amsterdam’. You cannot change this anymore.
  • You can resell your ticket up to 7 days in advance of the departure date. The definite bus plan will already be made by then, so changes are not possible anymore. 

We offer the following payment methods:

  • Ideal
  • Apple Pay
  • MasterCard
  • VISA
  • Paypal
  • Sofort
  • Giropay
  • Bancontact

We continue adding new (local) payment methods to our shop. Always check the payment page in our shop to see which payment methods are available.

Yes, this is definitely possible!

Have a look at the shop

We offer camping and festival tickets for most festivals. You can see in our shop if we offer festival tickets for that specific festival. Step 1 in our shop always includes the bus tickets, you can find festival and camping tickets at step 2 in our shop.

Receiving festival and camping tickets

We receive the official festival and camping tickets 1-2 weeks before the festival from our partner of the respective festival organisation. We will send you an email with your ticket directly after we receive the tickets from our partner. 

Are you going to MELT festival? Then you will receive your festival ticket shortly after you placed your order.

This differs per festival. You can see the ticket and departure options per country in the shop of each festival. 

You can mix and match your own trip and your own departure points and moments. Click on the ‘i’ on the right side below the image to see all travel information. 

→ One-way to festival

Different pick up points from Germany for example, to the festival.

← One-way return

From the festival to multiple pick up points in Germany, for example.

Round trip

This is a round trip. To the festival and back home. 

There are different sales phases per bus trip. This depends on the distance and departure date among other factors.

The following counts for most festival trips: the earlier you book, the lower the price of the bus trip.

Own pick up point

Is your pick up point not included in our schedule and do you want to depart from a different city or country? It is possible to request your own pick up point

When you request a new pick up point, the conditions are that we need around 15-25 people. This depends on the routes we planned and the city of departure. 

New festival

Maximal Trips is there for you. If your favourite festival is not included in our plans, send us your festival request and we see what we can do for you. We will organise a great bus trip if there is enough interest in that festival!

Buses & bus trip

It is important that you keep your luggage compact:

  • 1x backpack / weekend bag
  • 1x tent, sleeping bag, air mattress
  • 1x small bag carry-on luggage (food and drinks)

Do not bring

There is not enough space for: barbecues, outdoor furniture, sun umbrellas, party tents, foldable chairs, etc. So really don’t take this with you unless you can stuff it in your bag. The luggage space is limited and we want everyone to be able to take their belongings with them. Suitcases are not allowed: they are difficult to stack and take up a lot of space. So leave them at home. Suitcase wheels are not very useful at the campsite anyway 😉

You will receive an email with definite travel information around a week before departure. 

You can already find a lot of information about your trip on this frequently asked questions page. Please read this in advance. We can only inform you about the final departure times and places shortly before departure. This is because in many cases the routes can only be finalized a week before departure and we can only assess the current traffic situation then.

The departure times on the website are always a good indication.

The departure tables on the website are always a good indication of the departure and arrival times. You will receive an email with the definite departure times around a week before departure. 

Be on time!

  • Multi-day festival: 30 minutes before the departure time
  • One-day festival: 15 minutes before the departure time

Of course, the buses cannot wait. We always try to arrive at the festival on time so you can get the best spots at the camping. The traffic always has an influence on the arrival time. You will regularly get an update about this during the trip.

Travel time

There is a rule of thumb to estimate how long you are travelling with us: about 80 minutes drive per 100 km, including breaks. But you can always check Google Maps, add about 20%, because we travel by bus.

The exact pick-up point of your bus trip is always described in the travel information, which you will receive by email approximately one week before departure. On the page of your festival trip you can see which cities and pick-up points we offer.

The pick-up points are also always the drop-off points for the return trip.

You will travel by luxury coach to your festival. You will see a bus letter or number on the window of the bus, so you know what bus to board.

It may well be that on the way there you are in a different bus than on the way back, so please read the travel information carefully. You will receive this information by email about a week before departure.

Certified coaches

We always use coaches from recognised and certified coach companies. All these buses are certified by Busvervoer Nederland (KNV) and/or ISO 9001. They focus on improving the quality and safety of business operations and the services of the recreational bus transport that we offer.

Specs of the coach

All coaches include air conditioning, adjustable seats, footrests, audio/TV, luggage compartment, fold-down tables, two entrances, curtains, toilet (we ask you to only use the toilet if you really have to).

You don’t travel in a party bus, but we will definitely make it a fun bus trip, with only nice people going to the same festival!

We especially want to make it a nice party at the festival. Arriving completely exhausted is not what we want. That’s why we always make sure you can get your rest along the way. Especially when we drive at night. We always ask travelers to consider each other.

It could happen that due to circumstances the bus is delayed or no longer runs. Two scenarios are explained below. 


It can happen that the bus is delayed, but don’t worry: The bus will depart. Just be patient and wait a bit longer, the bus will really arrive. In case it takes a very long time after all, send a message via Facebook or ask your fellow travelers if they have heard something about the delay.


Exceptionally, if a departure point or festival trip is cancelled, you will always be informed well in advance by phone or email. If this is the case, we always think with you and offer a solution.

We keep everything we find after the bus trip, so please contact Maximal if you have lost something in one of our buses.

Tag your luggage 

We recommend that you always label your luggage so that other people can contact you if you have lost something. We often see people bringing the same brand of tent or sleeping bag. Festival gear often looks the same. Labeling prevents accidentally grabbing the wrong bag and losing your stuff.

Maximal Trips is not responsible for the luggage you lose.

Unfortunately, we cannot do much in that case. Sometimes there is another Maximal bus which departs at a later time which gives some opportunities. You could then book a new bus ticket. If this is not an option, you should arrange an alternative means of transportation yourself. So always be on time!

Yes, there is a tour guide present.

Our trips are enthusiastically accompanied by the tour guide and driver. Would you like to apply for being a tour guide on a trip? Send us a message!

Our tour guide is also available for the disabled. Let us know what your special needs are and we will look at the possibilities together.

The journey is as follows:

  • Load your luggage first. This is done in the back of the bus and in most cases you will be assisted by the driver.
  • You check in with the tour guide. They will welcome you at the door halfway the bus (not in the front). Print your ticket or save it in your phone.
  • Choose your place on the bus together with your friends. If there are reserved seats, this will be indicated on the bus. Do not leave the bus immediately after check-in.
  • Usually there are breaks. Due to the Driving Time Act, the driver is also obliged to take them. This is always strictly followed. Make sure you keep an eye on the time during the break and do not unnecessarily delay the journey.
  • It is allowed to bring food and drinks, this is not for sale on the bus. Make sure you keep the bus clean, there are garbage bags available. Glass and hot snacks are not allowed.
  • Alcohol consumption is allowed. Always take into account other people and possible car sickness and nausea.
  • Soft and hard drugs are forbidden. The police can carry out checks on them. So don’t get yourself and your fellow travellers into trouble. 

Yes, when boarding, the tour guide will ask you to show your ticket.

Printing is not necessary but could be useful as a backup. The e-ticket is usually sufficient. Make sure your phone is charged and you have your ticket at hand during boarding.